What is Good Neighbours?


Would you love to have a neighbourhood where neighbours are friendly and considerate? Neighbours whom you can trust and perhaps even consider them amongst your mates? This could be true for your neighbourhood.

Good Neighbours aims to empower local residents to experience a solid sense of neighbourliness.  It also aims to help you gain a greater awareness of government, local council and community services available.

Good Neighbours is a community initiative by Hands of Hope.  Hands of Hope is a local community organisation with a passion to invest in the surrounding community in central south Brisbane. We operate a number of initiatives including the well-known Christmas4Kids which enjoys the support of Brisbane City Council and was awarded the Lord Mayors Community Event of the Year in 2006.

How Good Neighbours can make a difference!

“The intent of this project to nurture good neighbourly relations within the entire neighbour is commendable and aligns with the Council’s vision in creating and maintaining strong and diverse communities.”

Councillor Steve Griffiths of Moorooka Ward

We believe many residents are willing to invest into better relations with their neighbours. And Good Neighbours will come alongside to empower local residents to help make this flourish.  

The key is to empower “Street Connectors”, volunteer residents with the heart to build relations along each street in a neighbourhood.

Some benefits of Good Neighbours

Increased social interaction improves general well-being of residents including mental health.

Improve value of homes in neighbourhood due to positive vibes in community.

Increased support within community when neighbours lend a hand.

Improved acceptance of diversity of race, culture, lifestyles, etc.

Improved security with neighbours having one another’s back.

Improved awareness of available local services.

You can make a difference

Are you interested to find out more or consider becoming a Street Connector?

We truly believe that this initiative will have a significant and positive impact on the community, and the generations to come.